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Mountainbiken in Koppl

If you made it to this website, we share a common interest in mountain biking. You may also be looking to join an existing MTB community. If so, habe a look to further information about our club and our activities under the heading "Infos". Activities include our "Training" or our organised Cross Country Olympic (XCO) MTB race, the "Nockstein Trophy".
We are open to accepting new children, youth, and adults who identify themselves with our club and want to make their contribution to working together. We see ourselves as an integrative sports club and are therefore open to both, locals and newcomers from abroad. If any information of your interesz is missing, simply call the president or send him an e-mail using the contact form.
The website is presently under relunch. Thus, not all subjetcs have been translated so far. In case of questions, please contact the presentident using the "contact form"!